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Welcome to *Fairfield Border Terriers*

Looking after a dog is never easy, so take this into consideration before purchasing your dog/puppy.

Border Terrier

The Border Terrier is a workmanlike dog Combining several atractive qualities. It is natural in apearance, a sensible shape and not particulary big. The coat needs only a little tidying up for The dog to be in show condition. The weight is about 7kg (15 1/2lb) giving a terrier that is acvite enough to follow a horse yet small enough to go to ground. The typical border terrier head has a broad, short muzzle and keen, dark eyes.

The standard calles for the head to resemble that of an otter and there are certanly similarities in the depth and breadth of skull and muzzle. The dog originally came from the northumberland/ Scotish Border, an area which has produced a number of working terrier breeds.The border was bred as a working hunt terrier used to bolt foxes from there earths for the waiting hounds.Being required to work in unison with other terriers as well as fox hounds,the breed tends to be less agressive with other dogs and less excitable than some of the other terriers.It is ,however,couragous and tough with a natural instinct to chase and kill,so it must be taught what is legitimate quarry and what is forbidden.The short wiry coat can be red,wheaten or grizzle,with or without tan markings.


The picture Above is of Chipsky's Honour (aka Buster)
our Pure Border Terrier that we are offering 4 stud at the moment.

Plez note picture was taken when buster was only 6 months old so plez take in to consideration when u look